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A Few Nice Pieces Website

This website is an online shopping site used to sell custom hand made jewelry.  It was custom designed and implemented with many ecommerce features.   Website customers may purchase products, purchase gift vouchers, login to view order history, join an affiliate program, manage their accounts, and more.  Store Owners may login to process orders, check inventory, manage discounts, analyze sales, email customers, and more.   You may view the website's design at  This is a demo copy of the original website.

Trench Town High School Association

This website was created for the Trench Town High School Association located in sunny Florida.  The association is a non-profit organization responsible for helping students through fundraising and community support.  The high school is located in the tropical island of Jamaica.  The website contains a content management system which allows the association's staff to make website changes independently of a webmaster.  Changes to images, text, and events are within the control of the association.  This control allows for fast content updates and a decrease in IT budg

Sue Anns Office Supply Website

This website was customized using a third party proprietary system.  The only pages we were able to change were the homepage, contact us, and about us pages.  The product distributor provided the other pages, which were off limits to our development team.  The 3 website pages were redesigned using our graphic design services.  Our development team then learned how to use this external system to implement our custom website redesign.  You may view this website at

Johannis Luxury Hair Extensions Website

This website was created for Johanni's Beauty Salon located in Brooklyn, N.Y. This website provides the ability to sell hair extensions and other beauty products online. It also allows customers to book an appointment for hair services online. It is a feature rich online store. Customers may login to mange their orders, process refunds, and claim reward points. Store owners may login to process orders, communicate with customers and market to customers using loyalty programs and other marketing tools. The logo was also designed by Accuro Technology Group's graphic design services.

Premium Websites

Our premium website package is the perfect solution for busy customers in need of a fully implemented solution.  This package includes a design consulation, 3 design choices, and a full implementation of your website.  Once your website is completed, you may independently make future changes to your website pages using an easy-to-use interface.

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